Code sketching

If someone says ‘can’t’, that shows you what to do.

John Cage

I was first introduced to sketch with code by Daniel Shiffman, in his phenomenal book Learning Processing. It got me doing daily processing sketches for fun, allowing the opportunity to experiment and explore ideas.

Here are my gallery of code sketches/blocks using D3, with examples from the last three months:

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For me, sketching in code has allowed me to have creative exploration in my prototyping. I’ll always find some tiny ideas that are worth a closer contemplation and will inspire fresh applications.


I’ll play first, and I’ll tell you about it latter. Maybe.

Miles Davis

I’ve always liked having background projects that I can work on in my spare time, I currently am actively developing:

Tactile Code

Tactile Code is a not-for-profit initiative revealing the fun and power of creative programming to children. My aim here is to provide guidance, resources and training for educators to teach creative coding.

Topics range from basic computing concepts to generative art and integrating physical objects with code. Open source platforms with a low threshold and no ceiling are used as the medium, these include Processing and Arduino.

What The Function (WTF)

Coming from a design background, I never liked having to dig through various books and tutorials to get my head around the terminology of learning something new when the same things can be presented numerous ways. This project is geared towards new or non programmers to help them around varying terms related to function as used in javaScript.

Functions are essentially mappings between input and output. This project aims to keep that statement as it’s common thread throughout illustrating the patterns of applying and utilising functions in JavaScript.

Font design

The Gurmukhī script was initially designed some 500 years ago to make Sanskrit and other scripts more readily accessible to the masses. Other than a few fonts that are based on generic styles not much has been to explore typographic application and expression of the script.

I am currently designing a modern monospace typeface for the Gurmukhi script. This will initially be a poster font and then later will include other variants sit well with romanised text.

Code with robotics

I’m doing a bunch of experiments with my children ranging from using Python to manipulate the classic logo turtle to generative design via algorithms.

I’m also using robotics using JavaScript to control microcontrollers, and intern produce various outputs. These projects will be refined and shared so they can be easily replicated or used as spring board for other ideas.


Flowing water never goes stale, so just keep on flowing.

Bruce Lee

If you would like to work together on something don’t hesitate to reach out. I am always open to new opportunities and sharing.